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  • WILDCARD Rolags-Watermelon - SkeinAppeal
  • WILDCARD Rolags-Watermelon - SkeinAppeal
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WILDCARD Rolags-Watermelon

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Wildcard Rolags or Batts are just that WILD. They are a mix of fibres that could range from wool,alpaca,silk,stellina, & much more.

These are made from surprise bags of fibre so I can give an educated guess, but even I am not 100% what the entire content is. 

Therefore I do not recommend these for anyone with any wool allergies/sensitivities as I cannot tell you for certain every fibre that is in these rolags and/or batts.

BUT if you like a fun surprise and  want to spin up some truely unique fibre, then these are 110% for you. 

I cannot wait to see what you create with your wild cards.

Color:pink/green/off white /peach/beige (these give me watermelon vibes)

*Amount in g's:63g

   *Not all rolags are pictured